10 steps to a great site with Web CEO  
What is the Web CEO Integrated Approach?  
Based on years of experience in developing Web sites, 
managing traffic, and coming up with the best practices in 
search engine optimization, weive designed the Web CEO 
Integrated Approach. It consists of ten straightforward steps 
toward making your Web site stand out, draw traffic, and work 
for your business: 
How to promote your Web site with Web CEO
Step 1: Research keywords
Step 2: Get optimization advice
Step 3: Edit Web pages for search engines
Spot popular and relevant keywords 
Changes needed in your pages for 
Apply optimization advice you got at 
Step 2 and without having to edit the 
rt I
that people will use to find products 
high rankings with the keywords you 
and services like yours
selected during keyword research
HTML code
Step 4: Submit your site and Web pages 
Step 5: Check your rankings
Step 6: Analyze your link popularity
Make sure your pages are automatically 
Report your rankings in search engines 
Find out the number of pages linking 
submitted to major search engines and 
that your target visitors will use to find 
to your site and your competitors. Plus, 
directories across the world
information, products and services
who exactly links to you.
How to maintain your Web site with Web CEO
Add your Web site
Step 7: Control quality of your Web site
Step 8: Upload your site using FTP
Find and fix broken links and other 
Upload pages, images and other 
How to add your site to Web 
t II
errors on your pages
files to your server
CEO Projects so you can 
promote, maintain it and 
Step 9: Monitor your Web site
analyze your visitors
Monitor availability and uptime of 
your site   24 hours a day   non stop
How to analyze your visitors with Web CEO
Step 10: View visitor, eCommerce revenues and ad campaign reports
Place the tracking code on your Web pages and get various reports on your 
visitors, revenues and effectiveness of ad campaigns you are running
What should you do now? 
As you can see in the chart above, the first step is to add 
your Web site(s) to Projects. We then recommend that you 
slowly work through each remaining step to fully understand 
how powerful Web CEO is. 



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