Step 1. Research keywords 
What for? 
To find the most popular, relevant keywords and phrases your 
target visitors enter when they search for information, products 
or services you offer. 
Please explain! 
Before optimizing your Web pages for high rankings, you will 
need to define keywords and phrases. They will, on the one 
hand, get you the maximum of visitors, but on the other, they 
must be moderately competitive.   
For example, featured as a demo 
project, distributes and sells a small software program that 
delivers daily and long range weather forecasts to your PC 
desktop. Using Web CEOis keyword suggestion tool (
Features > 
) their webmaster did some keyword research and 
found out that the most popular keyword "weather" is requested 
40,867 times daily, but that there are 60,118,729 pages 
whose webmasters would also want them at the top. 
Certainly a smaller Web site has a slim chance to outplay big 
players like The Weather Channel, CNN Weather or National 
Weather Service. This explains why at this stage the site owner 
only picked a few keywords out of the 1,000 that Web CEO 
suggested. All those keywords and phrases combine enough 
popularity, relevance and acceptable competition: for example 
"long range weather forecast" (daily searches n 458; 
competition according to Google n 517,974). 
Leaping ahead to Step 2, she learns how to get her pages 
ranked highly with selected keywords. At Step 3, she applies 
the advice using Web CEOis Editor which is designed 
specifically for search engine optimization purposes. 
The results?  The "long range weather forecast" phrase and its 
variations bring over 1,100 unique 
visitors monthly. Please keep reading to learn how to do the 
same for your Web site.  



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