Step 1. Research keywords 
What else can you do? 
Go to the 
View competitors
 tab and see which Web sites 
have top 10 rankings with your keywords. 
To see how competitive a particular keyword is, go to the 
Analyze competition
 tab. You can see this information from 
many perspectives. For example: It tells you whether to try 
for the top 10 in a specific search engine, e.g. Yahoo!  
If you checked 
Adult filter
 before starting keyword research 
you will not see these words in adult sites. Naturally if you 
run an adult Web site, you should ignore this option.  
We recommend that you organize selected keywords into 
related groups and store them in different keyword baskets. You 
can print, save or e mail the results of your work. This is useful 
when you need to share your work with others, you simply 
change it into the form you prefer, for example, export data to 
Excel and analyze it there.  
What should you do now?  
After you have found the keywords and phrases to use for 
optimization, please go to 
Step 2.
 It shows exactly the page 
changes needed for high search engine rankings. 



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