Step 2. Get optimization advice 
What for? 
Learn what changes you should make in your pages so they 
appear among the top 10 listings. 
Please explain! 
Humans and search engines treat Web pages in a different 
way. Where people see design and copy, a search engine 
would detect the lack of quality information it needs to make 
your site relevant. The outcome of this could be your Web site 
ranked at a position where no one will find it. 
The optimization tool (Features > Optimization)
 lets you see 
your Web pages through the eyes of the major search engines 
(which produce 95% of the world search engine traffic) and to 
check how relevant they are.  
At the same time Web CEO balances your site so it is neither 
under optimized
over optimized
. The former may get your 
site lost among hundreds of thousands of others while the latter 
would get your site penalized or worse n banned from the 
search engine.  
Note that Web CEO does this 
 you submit your Web 
pages to search engines. Therefore search engines will consider 
pages optimized for their requirements, which multiplies your 
chances of being ranked high on the first time.  



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