Step 4. Submit your site to search 
engines and directories 
What for? 
To get registered with the best search engines and directories 
on the planet that were either handpicked or requested by 
Web CEOis users from more than 50 countries. The market 
share of these search engines is 94 96% of all traffic from 
search engines. 
Please explain! 
There are two contradicting myths. Myth #1 says that submitting 
your URLs to every search engine known to the human race 
will bring in free, highly targeted traffic to your site. Myth #2 
is the opposite and says that submission doesnit work at all.  
Surprisingly, both statements, to some extent, are true. The 
major search engines do find and index your site by 
themselves. However, if you submit your pages following their 
rules, you will get your site crawled more deeply. It means 
more of your Web pages will be visible to the public.  
Also, some minor, some regional search engines and all 
directories prefer that you submit your site and its pages 
instead of waiting for them to come to you. 



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