Step 4. Submit your site to search engines and directories 
Why do you need to submit your site by hand? 
The leading directories such as Yahoo!, DMOZ, LookSmart, 
Zeal, GoGuides, Joe Ant and others require that you carefully 
choose a category where your Web site should be listed. It is 
important to give a proper description with your listing. Many 
directory users navigate through topical resources and use them 
for industry research. Therefore, a well written description will 
bring in the most qualified traffic.  
Do not overload these sites with information, as all submissions 
(or eapplicationsi as directories call them) are approved by 
human editors for quality purposes. Naturally it would become 
impossible, if they received tons of automated submissions. 
How Web CEO helps you with manual submissions 
Web CEO divides hand submissions into four main categories: 
Manual submissions. If for some reason you do not 
want to use an automated submission tool, you can click on 
a link to the Add URL page in Web CEO and submit your 
URLs by hand, then make a note in Web CEO of the date 
and time. Thus your hand submissions will be displayed in 
the submissions report together with automated ones.  
Paid submissions. Some search engines will offer you 
extra benefits, if you are ready to pay for them. These 
consist of express inclusion in their databases and regular 
re spidering of your content.  
Directory submissions. Directories have strict guidelines 
and Web CEO helps your site with first time approval. See 
an example below. 
Pay per click submissions. Practically speaking it is not 
submission, but rather account registration with a search 
engine that will show your ad when a searcher enters your 
keywords in a search box. 



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