Step 5. Check your rankings in search engines 
How to check your positions in search engines 
Press GO > Check rankings (or Features > Ranking). 
Select your Web site from the Project drop down menu. You 
are on the 
My site
 tab. To find out your rankings you need to 
do two things:  
A. Set up a ranking profile 
B. Learn how to use the ranking report
A. Setting up a ranking profile 
When you run the ranking checker for the first time, simply 
read the brief instructions on the screen and press Start to go 
to the profile setup. (If you tried to set it up before, select 
 from the drop down menu 
Ranking profile
). See a 
detailed explanation below.  
Go to the 
Select search engines
 tab and select the search 
engines your targeted visitors use. For guidance, read the 
additional information available about each engine   
Country and Language.  
Go to the 
Add keywords
 tab and press Add, then enter 
the keywords you want to use to check your rankings. 
Note: you can press Get keywords from site to have 
them automatically extracted from the Meta Keywords tag 
found in your pages.  
Optionally go to the 
Set scan rules
 tab. This controls the 
technical parameters for the search engines scan results 
page. By default they are set to provide best performance, 
however, you may want to change them, for example, to 
increase the depth of scanning.  
Now that you have set up the ranking profile, press OK and 
you will be taken to the programis main screen where Web 
CEO will show your rankings in an extensive report with 
expanded position analysis. 



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