Step 5. Check your rankings in search engines 
Will you have problems with search engines because 
of automated queries? 
Admittedly, search engines dislike automated queries to their 
databases. But, in reality, webmasters can t live without it, 
otherwise they would have to manually check rankings and 
spend far too much time than is practical.  
Web CEO includes technology to stop your IP from being 
included into the blacklist, and it offers the best protection in 
the industry. Because it professionally emulates a browser and 
at the same time pretends to be human, search engines treat 
your queries as ordinary, non automated ones!  
All related settings can be found in 
File > Settings > Ranking
What should you do now? 
It is now time to improve your positions in search engines by 
improving the so called off the page factors. The links analysis 
tool will tell you how many pages link to your site and who 
exactly links to your pages according to the most popular 
search engines. You can evaluate the strategies of successful 
Web sites and apply the best of them to benefit your own site. 



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