Step 6. Analyze your link popularity 
What for? 
To discover how many links to your site are found by search 
engines and exactly who links to your site. 
Please explain! 
When someone enters your keyword in a search box and 
presses the Search button, the search engine starts checking 
how closely your site relates to the query. Now, link popularity 
comes into play.  
Modern search engines (especially Google and Yahoo!) not 
only analyze the content of your pages, but also look closely at 
who is linking to your pages and how. The point is that they 
treat each link to your site as a recommendation. When they 
have to decide how high to rank your page in their listings, 
they use this information as an important part of their 
This explains why so many poorly optimized Web pages are 
ranked higher than your well optimized ones. Their webmasters 
took care that other Web sites link to them using their 
keywords. For example,
 is certain to be in the 
top 10 with the keyword 
, since tens of thousands of 
webmasters put a link to it using this keyword.  
This step will provide the following information: 
Provides a detailed report on the number of Web pages 
that link to your site and its pages 
Find out the number of sites that link to your competition 
so you can roughly estimate how difficult it would be to 
outplay them 
Learn which Web pages link to your competition, but don t 
link to you so you can ask them to add a link to your 
pages from their sites 



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