Step 7. Control the quality of your site 
How to pinpoint problems on your Web site 
Press GO > Control site quality (or Features > Auditor). 
Select your Web site from the Project drop down menu. Then:  
By default Web CEO scans your site on the Web. 
However, you can examine your local site: check the 
 option and specify a path to the home page.  
Press Start and wait while Auditor examines the entire 
Web site including all images, files, etc. 
When the check is over, you will see a list of Web pages 
with small signs marking each problem page. If you see an 
exclamation mark, the page has a potential problem, and if 
you see a red cross, the page has a serious error. 
If you select a Web page in the left pane, on the right you 
will see:  
A. Page properties. Here is the page URL, size of HTML and full 
download size (including images). In addition, page properties 
include the page s Title tag, Description and Keyword tags. 
B. Errors and warnings. Here you get an overview of all terrors 
and problems found on each page. For example, as you see in 
the screenshot below, the horoscope.html page has 2 errors and 
3 problems. The errors are a broken link to the new.html page 
and a missing image e mp_logo1.gif.  
Note: If you are a webmaster, you can immediately fix errors found 
and upload your site to the Web with the FTP Upload tool (Features 
> Uploader). See Step 8. Upload your site using FTP. 



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