Step 8. Upload your site using FTP 
B. Upload your files 
After you have set up FTP connection, press Connect. Web 
CEO connects to your server and you will see the net folders 
and files on the right: 
Select the folder where you keep the local copy of the 
Web site you want to upload, e.g. 
. Its 
contents will be shown as a list in the left pane
Select the Web pages and files to be uploaded. Hold Ctrl 
when selecting, to choose individual files. 
Press the Arrow button to start copying files from your PC 
to the server. 
If you want to download files from a server to your PC, switch 
to the right pane, select the files and press the Arrow button 
which will change its direction and will point to the left. 
What should you do now? 
Now you need to start monitoring your site. This bundled 
service helps you watch your site. Is it working or not? Do all 
of its functions work in the normal mode? See 
Step 9
 to learn 
more about service activation and how to use it. 



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