Step 9. Monitor your site 
What for? 
To get alerts by e mail whenever your site is down or doesn t 
function properly. 
Please explain! 
Can you say with certainty that your site is available to visitors 
right now? Will it be functioning properly in 15 min. or 
tomorrow at 3.07AM? Will it be hit by a new virus or a 
hacker attack? The monitoring service built into Web CEO will 
make sure that things continue to work as well as they can. 
A special robot visits your Web site every 5 120 min. (depends 
on the service plan) from different parts of the world and 
checks if your site is up and its services (E mail, FTP, HTTPS) 
are functioning. The moment it detects a problem, you and the 
other people in charge of your Web site will get warnings by 
e mail, pager or cell phone with the problem description and 
At any time you can see real time reports on the performance 
of your server: 
Connect time, Host ping, Download time, DNS 
resolve time, Download speed, Time outs, Time on error 



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