Step 10. Analyze your visitors, 
revenues, ad campaigns 
What for? 
To learn as much as you can about your visitors and the 
revenues your site makes. To find out which ad campaigns 
work for you and which do not. 
Please explain! 
All successful Web sites have at least one thing in common n 
their webmasters and owners use Web analytics to increase the 
percentage of visitors who do something GOOD for business.  
Analyzing visitors, revenue sources, and advertising efficiency 
combined with constant improvement of your site inevitably 
boosts revenues. HitLens, Web CEO s traffic analysis tool, helps 
Understand your visitors. Itis easy! Because you will be 
armed with over 80 reports organized into 8 categories. 
Evaluate the commercial efficiency of your site. 
Reports in the 
 category give you a full and 
detailed account of your revenues. They tell you how good 
your site is at converting the accidental browser into an 
impulse buyer! 
Find out if you are wasting money. Reports in the 
 category measure the effectiveness of your 
advertising, and uncover sources of traffic which you should 
explore and perhaps invest in, e.g., AdWords or a 
300x250 banner on, etc.)  



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