Step 10. Analyze your visitors, revenues, ad campaigns 
How it works 
Whenever someone comes to your site, a Web server records 
his activity as he is surfing your site. Later this information can 
be extracted from the so called log files and analyzed. This 
approach has many flaws. For example, delays in reporting 
and low accuracy. 
HitLens, does things differently, it tracks visitors and transactions 
in real time. It does not distort the statistics.  A snippet of its 
tracking code is embedded in your pages. This records all 
information available on the visitor. This is immediately passed 
to our Datacenters, where it is finally converted into analytical 
reports that you can view with Web CEO. 
1. A visitor arrives at your site .
2. As the Web page loads , the HitLens 
Your website
tracking code is executed . It collects all 
the visitor  s non personal information .
Tracking code
3. The information collected by the 
tracking code is passed to the 
Datacenter where it is processed and 
Web CEOis Datacenter
4. You ask for a report through Web CEO , 
and in a few seconds it is retrieved from 
the Datacenter and displayed on your 



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