The general trends and developments identified in the other studies in the MUDIA
project will be checked against the state of play in a certain number of concrete
media organisations in different European countries. 
The case studies will be spread over traditional mass media, new start up media
companies and also include non sector information initiatives. The selected
organisations will be described, compared, and also analysed against the findings of
other WP tasks and the outcomes of the other studies.
The five case studies selected for examination are:
Transitions Online
Transitions Online (TOL) is a not for profit Internet magazine covering 28 post 
communist countries in Central and Eastern Europe, the Balkans, and the former
Soviet Union. It is published by a Czech non governmental organisation also called
Guardian Unlimited
Guardian Unlimited is the network of websites from the Guardian newspaper, based
in London. As well as the main news site   at the core of Guardian Unlimited   there
are the following sites within the network: Film, Books, Football, Education,
Shopping, Jobs, Work, Money, SocietyGuardian.co.uk and MediaGuardian.co.uk.
UK Government Online
 UK Online  is a partnership between government, industry, the voluntary sector,
trades unions and consumer groups, forged to enable everyone in the UK to make
the most of the Internet. For the case study, the focus is on one of their services,
i.e. their newsroom production, which offers government department news, hot
topics, online news media, weather, news from political parties, webcasts and other
E VRT: Interactive Television In Flanders
Vlaamse Radio & Televisie (VRT) is the Belgian public broadcaster for the Flemish
community. In February 2002, the VRT launched an interactive television project
called  Digitaal Thuis Platform (DTP) or  Digital Home Platform  based on the DVB T
technology (Digital Video Broadcast   Terrestrial). A test panel of 100 households
has been set up and provided with free set top boxes.
VilaWeb (formerly known as La Infopista) is an independent, net native media
initiative launched in May 1995 by three journalist friends. It was designed originally
as a local directory, which aimed to bring together Catalan websites in Spain. Today,
VilaWeb takes 13th place among online newspapers in Spain, attracting about
630.000 unique visitors a month (June 2002). It is the first net native Spanish
newspaper, however, and one of the major web destinations in Catalunya. VilaWeb s
electronic newspaper contains about 90 local editions. It also features a WAP and



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