Guardian Unlimited
At the same time while GU s production and the marketing departments have a very
 integrationist approach , the traffic reports very rarely become an editorial tool. In
rare occasions "if something it s costing more than anything else on news and yet
it s generating 2% of the traffic, for instance, the traffic report enables me to say
lets cut the spend here; so it s basically making sure that you don t waste effort. But
having said that it s very much like the newspaper which is quite often that the small
things that maybe don t get a lot of attention, are very highly valued. So, you have
to be very careful about modifying your editorial content according to traffic
reports," said Ms. Bell. 
On the issue of taking into consideration the hits on a specific article in order to give
it more exposure in the website Ms. Bell commented: " No, that it would mean that
we could just install a piece of software to do the real news picking. No, I very firmly
believe that, if you are an editor you are an editor because you ve got some
experiences and this is important. And for instance, if you asked people to tell you
if they really want to read, a long complex piece on Palestinian Israeli conflicts, they
will say no, but actually it s so important, it s the most important story in the world.
Because we think that, we carry covering it. And that s why we ve actually
broadened our audience as well. For there are very few on line newspapers that
have that kind of breath and commitment to cover very such big international
The editor of the Guardian also believes that there are inherited staff competencies
and brand name recognition of the traditional medium parent company. "BBC, for
instance, will always be ahead of us for breaking news because they ve got 500
people that can fill audio breaking news, that we haven t, we ve got 9 people on
news desk out there. But the Guardian can editorialise, we can have commentators
who have very much clear voice in terms of political perspective. The BBC as a public
broadcaster also has to be impartial. Having said that, the BBC website is very
strong because I think you will find a lot of their web producers have a radio
background. Writing for radio is much more like writing for the newspaper. You
know, you have to have a certain level of elegance and you have to have a certain
sort of length of script. And you can see on places like ITN [website], that a lot of
people have actually got experience, or seems that they ve got experience of writing
for TV. And if you look at the TV scripts it doesn t really go very well. And I think
that that s again something that newspapers are clearly ahead, which is actually
knowing how to present the written words in any format."
(for more details regarding the content production in the GU, see the  European
Multimedia Landscape  Mudia Paper )
3.4. Content consumption processes 
According to the GU editor an important issue when you structure the marketing
plans for the company is that of ratings and their audits. "We are the only
newspaper size in the UK which has a monthly independent audit from ABCE. Other
papers like the Telegraph and the Financial Times have picked months were they
have their figures audited but they don t have them audited every single month
because we suspect that the traffic fluctuates and also it s probably quite a lot 
lower that ours which it s why they don t particularly want to have them audited just



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