Guardian Unlimited
A young, upmarket audience 
With a fairly even split between male and female users, GU core audience is young,
upmarket and well educated. 57% are aged between 18 and 34, 90% of users are
categorised ABC1, and 72% of users are educated to degree level or above, with
25% holding a post graduate qualification. 
Extending audience coverage 
Guardian Unlimited has succeeded in attracting a new audience from outside the
readership of its associated newspapers. GU s site is used by more than one million
unique users each month, 45% of whom are NOT regular readers of the Guardian
and 71% of whom are NOT regular readers of the Observer. 
Confident online shoppers 
Guardian Unlimited users are more likely to shop online and to use the internet for
purchase research than the average UK web user   56% have actually make a
purchase online, 8% above the UK web average. 
Information regarding user profile is obtained from the Forrester Research UK
internet User Monitor. For further details on Guardian Unlimited users please contact For further information on the collection of
information about GU users see Annex 3. 
According to the editor of GU, there are about 100,000 people who interact with the
GU website through talk boards. "Talks are an interesting one. It s a very important
one for us. It s interactivity but itself selective. There s a relatively small
constituency of people we are talking about. So you have to be careful." But she also
added: "interactivity has marketing advantages. It enables you to identify users
more easily, you have a vigorous dialogue and allows you to identify java and build
community which is cool. What s attractive for users is that they are part of the
community. My perspective, that use of interactivity is the most important. Money
is also important but as editor this is important. You can work for a newspaper for
a decade but people never write to a newspaper a letter  thank you for the coverage 
but we receive to GU 100s of e mails saying exactly that, and equally we have 1000s
of people saying we don t like this we don t like that, why did you do this. This is the
biggest dialogue."
Talk boards on the Guardian Unlimited network 
Live online
Your chance to talk about the biggest issues... with the people who make the decisions. You can put questions to
cabinet ministers, Guardian journalists and film directors. Keep your eyes on this page for the next big debate.
Guardian Unlimited talk
The Talk is the place on the net where you will always find lively, entertaining and, above all, intelligent discussions.
Join or start a conversation on whatever interests you, from the state of UK politics to the complexities of the Guardian
crossword. Registering is simple and quick, and it is easy to post a new message.



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