Guardian Unlimited
Politics talk
Think you know how to win an election or want to sound off about the politicians you love to hate? This is the place
to come to discuss every aspect of politics across the country.
Football talk
Hot discussions on Football Unlimited s talk boards range from England s chances of qualifying for the World Cup to
the merits of women s soccer. If you have an opinion on the great game   and, admit it, do you know anyone who
doesn t?   then share it with fellow fans here.
Sport talk
The place to let off steam after another England batting collapse, or a depressing second week at Wimbledon. Indulge
the fine art of the English moan while displaying the depth of your sporting knowledge. No sensible sweaters allowed.
Film talk
Join the most intelligent film community on the web to debate the latest releases, the best (and) worst films ever
made, and those little factual errors that the directors failed to spot.
Education talk
Your chance to sound off on every subject from university league tables to teachers  pay. If you a parent or teacher,
or work in higher or further education, this is the community board which values your viewpoint.
Work talk
Want to sound off about the boss from hell? Fuming about the new dress code, or embarrassed at sending a delicate
email to the wrong person? Take a break and tell your fellow workers what s on your mind.
Books talk
Discuss the books that were over rated or the authors who still await discovery. Your literary opinions have not been
so highly valued since fourth year English lit. lessons   but this time you can choose the books you discuss.
Media talk
Your chance to cut through the shrouds of spin and debate the latest developments in the media. Have your say on
everything that moves in medialand from the continuing ratings war between the BBC and ITV, to the latest attempts
by media companies   old and new   to get noticed and be profitable.
Travel talk
The next best thing to being on holiday is talking about it: take a break from work to debate top destinations, compare
holiday horror stories or ask for advice on your next trip.
3.5. Content delivery processes 
Guardian Unlimited has launched a radical content distribution scheme whereby all
editorial and database content across the network can be accessed from users own
websites. The service is a major initiative from Guardian Unlimited and is the first
of its kind offered by a UK commercial website. 
The service allows sites to enhance their own web presence by linking to the wealth
of original content from the Guardian Unlimited network. Therefore, a film buff can
lift the headline and first paragraph from any article from the vast amount of
material available on Guardian Unlimited Film onto their site. The one requirement
is that users include the logo, as well as linking back to original article, hence greatly
expanding Guardian Unlimited s international reach and brand presence. 



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