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3.6. Conclusions and future visions 
The main thrust remains to reach across borders. "What you find is that you
constituency is very like minded people; all of our users are quite similar but they
are no longer similar and all in London or all in Britain but they are similar, all over
the world. In any case, I probably have more in common with somebody doing a
similar job in San Francisco or in Moscow than I do with somebody who has a
completely different life style and lives next door," said the editor Emily Bell. 
Future Successors
"In ten years time established traditional media companies would be no 1 in the
web, government and other public service information websites would be no 2, with
internet native companies behind. Most Internet native news companies they are
really there to help people to use the internet. They are not really destination site,
they don t really have a voice while the traditional media do. But I might also be
completely wrong," said Ms. Bell. 
Future Delivery Systems
"SMS text message! Breaking news delivery is very important. Portability, flexibility
will be important. When it s user driven users are prepared to pay more for example.
SMS is very attractive so they can pay the SMS. At the moment we can offer a PDA
service and SMS text services but it is not personalisation. We do e mail services as
well. We have a service for digesting all the British newspapers and send them
everyday. I think we have 20.000 subscribers," said Ms. Bell. 
"What s really important for users is that as an internet based medium to perform a
proper kind of filtering in the function. Personalisation is important to identify users
and subjects. If you can do efficiently than you can actually make a lot of money.
This is the single biggest issue for all internet content," said Ms. Bell. 



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