Guardian Unlimited
3.7. Annexes
Annex 1: Revenue Streams
Banner advertising and sponsorship 
Guardian Unlimited serves standard size banner advertisements: width 468 pixels,
height 60 pixels. Pop ups are available at 200 x 200 pixels. There are also
advertising opportunities on GU s WAP and PDA sites. Sponsorships in the form of
buttons and text advertisements are available across the network. 
Banner advertising on the Guardian Unlimited network is sold by the 1,000
impressions. Specific sites within the network can be bought or advertisers can just
purchase run of site impressions. Additionally, advertisers can target by top level
Impressions | Run of Site | A | B | C
50,000 |  34.50 |  37.50 |  44.50 
200,000 |  34.50 |  37.50 |  44.50 
500,000 |  28.75 |  31.25 |  40.50 
1 million |  28.75 |  31.25 |  40.50 
A: Specific site;  B: Editorial section (eg UK News or Today s Issues), UK only; 
C: Pop ups 
Rich media campaigns are charged at additional 10%. 
Accountable advertising 
Banner advertisements on Guardian Unlimited are served by Net Gravity. Net
Gravity allows advertisers to track the performance of advertisements in terms of
page impressions, clicks and click through rate (GU are currently unable to count
clicks on rich media campaigns). This allows advertising campaigns to be fine tuned
by creative or exact placement as they are running. 
All the Guardian Unlimited sites are independently audited by the Audited Bureau of
Circulation. The Electronic ABC audit showed the
Guardian Unlimited network received 26.1m page impressions in January 2001, GU s
internal audit showed 25.2m page impressions in February 2001. 
Annex 2: Sponsorship opportunities 
Online sponsorship and partnership opportunities generally fall into the categories
detailed below. This information is designed to give a framework of how online
sponsorship can work, with examples of existing or past sponsorships and, where
possible, links. Detailed at the bottom of the page are the relevant contacts at
Guardian Unlimited. 



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