Guardian Unlimited
Existing content sponsorship 
Certain existing elements of the GU s network can be sponsored by a third party.
Examples are: 
The crossword sponsorship   in an extension of Collins offline sponsorship of the
cryptic crossword in the Guardian, Collins dictionaries currently sponsor the
Guardian Unlimited Cryptic crossword. 
Nike "Park Football" campaign   a niche targeting opportunity whereby Nike had
branded buttons on specific Club pages within the Football site.
Channel sponsorship (Money or Shopping)
For financial or retail advertisers it is possible to group sections of relevant content
in the different areas of the Money and Shopping sites. For example, a mortgage
company could have a presence on all pages within the Money site, which cover
buying a home; or an online e tailer could have a button on all relevant pages within
When a client wants to utilise GU s experience and knowledge of GU s audience and
the crossover to their target market to create something specifically for them. 
Unit(e) Renewable Energy Special Report
The Special Reports area of Guardian Unlimited tackles complex subjects in the news
where users want more detail/information. Guardian Unlimited created a Special
Report on renewable energy, complete with animations, branding and specifically
commissioned articles and uploads of offline advertorials and supplements. 
In June 2000 Guardian Unlimited won the New Media Age Award for Digital
Advertising: Sponsorship & Brand Awareness for this project.
Orange Imagine
GU developed, designed and commissioned editorial for two bespoke microsites, the
first of which was on Guardian Unlimited and the second on Film Unlimited.
Penguin paperback book launch
Online launch of a new chapter of a Penguin book, Living on Thin Air by Charles
Leadbeater. Each week a new chapter was launched over a four week period. As
each page launched it linked to all previous pages, as well as connecting to the
Penguin site and a specifically designed competition.
Bespoke splash page
A single page which is built and designed to fit in with the Unlimited network, but
which fulfils sponsor s objectives. This can be used for an ad promotion, or a
competition for example. 
Virgin Money
GU commissioned a Guardian financial journalist to write editorial for an online ad
promotion which discussed how people manage their finances using the internet.



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