Transitions Online
and other professionals. TOL can expect to receive around 20% in commissions on
the sale of any TOL content through these services.
Syndication services provide a vast client base that would be difficult for TOL to
reach on its own. They also handle all of the administrative work, meaning that
participation in their programs does not tax TOL s human resources. 
At present, TOL is negotiating with:
Client s profile
educational institutions
NGO, educational, corporate
Direct syndication
Additionally, TOL will establish a syndicate of its own, in order to directly reach
would be clients with TOL as well as local partner content. 
Would be clients will have two options:
1. paying per article.
2. subscribing for six months or one year for a flat fee with the possibility of
reprinting any number of articles.
Customized Content Solutions
TOL also has the ability to produce customized news and content solutions for
clients. TOL already provides original content for, usually "explainer" or
"background" analytical pieces to supplement their news stories on the post 
communist region. TOL also provides longer, more in depth texts. Recently, TOL
editors wrote two chapters for a Transparency International corruption report. 
Content production can take several forms: 
customized content on specific areas or themes. 
one off articles and in depth pieces.
exclusive articles prepared by TOL correspondents. 
other content as requested.
2. Advertising
TOL offers a flexible range of advertising solutions, including a mix of e mail and on 
site advertising. The pricing scheme (Annex 5) reflects this flexible approach. In
order to attract potential advertisers, TOL also offers customized advertising
packages and discounts, in essence organizing an entire site solution for clients. TOL
recently overhauled its pricing scheme for advertising, generally raising prices to
reflect the increased reach of TOL. TOL now also charges for the design of graphic
buttons and banners, previously provided free of charge.
Past advertisers. TOL has carried out several advertising campaigns for clients. Past
advertisers have included the Open Society Institute, and Central European
University. Most of TOL s advertising has been for conferences and events, where the
client wished to reach a broad regional market. TOL will continue to target toward
this segment in the future. TOL managed to land these deals despite limited sales



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