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TOL believes that the future will bring more flexibility and automation, especially in
the layout process. But for the moment they don t see anything dramatically
different in the especially in the content production process. "There are no fresh
ideas on interactivity"
Before initiating some of the future delivery plans, certain technical features will
need to be developed. Most importantly TOL must have the ability to deliver media
on a per article basis. "We don t yet have a mechanism in place that would allow us
to charge micro payments for single articles. so we only charge site wide
subscriptions," said the editor of TOL. 
This technology will most likely be developed in two stages. Initially TOL will have
the ability to create pdfs of materials and then email them to users based on their
requests. These materials will be databased separately from "public" materials.
Initially this process would probably be manual, as the subscription process is now.
For instance a user may want to download an article, he or she would login and enter
their credit card information. We would then process their credit card and email
them back the article. Version 1.1 technology would automate the process. Thus,
the user would request the data and our system then automatically creates a pdf
and emails it to the user after processing their credit card information.
In the second phase TOL will develop the ability to provide media to individuals in a
real time basis. Thus the user would request an article, the credit card information
would be entered, processed and then the article would be automatically formatted
into pdf and, through a plug in on the users IE or Netscape, and finally it would be
presented to the user directly. The user could then simply save the media to their
desk top. This is basically the industry standard.
Concurrently with the development of this media distribution technology will be
development or purchase of new credit card processing software. Kagi serves TOL s
purposes right now but as TOL moves forward it will need greater functionality, such
as a Shopping Cart system.
4.7. Annexes
Annex 1 
Jeremy Druker Director and Editor in Chief
Luke Allnutt Deputy Director/Deputy Editor
Nicole Rosenleaf Ritter Managing Editor 
Victor Gomez Senior Editor
Virginie Jouan TOL Wire Editor
Lars Nicolaisen Marketing Manager
Aleksandar Brajanoski Electronic Publications Manager, 
Transitions Online, Chlumova 22, 130 00 Prague 3, CZECH REPUBLIC
Tel.: ++420 2/2278 0805, Fax: ++420 2/2278 0804, e mail:



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