Transitions Online
Annex 2 
TOL STAFF ( April 2002)
Editorial staff
Director/ Editor in Chief   Jeremy Druker
Deputy Director   Luke Allnutt
Deputy Editor   Nicole Rosenleaf Ritter
Managing Editor   Andrew Gardner
Senior Editor/BRR Editor in Chief   Tihomir Loza
TOL Wire Editor   Virginie Jouan
Senior Economics Editor   Victor Gomez
Russian Translator/Editor   Maria Antonenko
Contributing Editors   Jen Tracy
BRR Intern   Andrew Yorke
Business development staff
Grants Manager/Project Manager   Kevin Krogmann
Marketing Director   Lars Nicolaisen
E Commerce Manager   Anthony Vinci
Marketing Assistants   Sarka Rausova, Radek Vavrik
Office Manager   Marcela Pacakova
Research Assistant   Alice Drukerova
Technical staff
Internet Development Manager   Aleksandar Brajanoski
System Administrator   Ondrej Koutek
Annex 3
The content production process
"The criteria for choosing one suggestion over an other is a. local angle of a
story that international media would not do (we see ourselves as
complementary in this sense), b. if the story represents a trend that occurs in
many different parts of the world that we are covering (these could be
economic, political, or cultural trends), c. if the story will have a different angle,
different spin that other media gave to an event and finally d. if it is  counter
intuitive , i.e. the opposite of what is  seems  to be true is true (the good that
an Islamic foundation does in a CEE or CIS country when everyone accuses
them for religious propaganda and fanaticism for example)" [Nicole Ritter]
Production process of the 
A. Special Reports (every fortnight):
1. Brainstorm of editorial team
2. One person from them takes charge
3. Contacting and assigning tasks
4. Link the report to the newsletter
5. Arrange payments for the stringers
6. Correspondents commission their articles



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