Transitions Online
B. Books, Features, Opinions:
1. Editorial Meeting (Weekly or bi weekly)
2. Actual commissioning of the article (dealines set, length and style decided)
3. Desk Editor edits the story (first edit)
4. Back to the author with line by line comments (part of training)
5. Editors works the second version and sends it to the second editor
6. Second editor gives it to the copy editor
7. Manager places it to the web 
C. Week in Review: 
1. Every Wednesday editorial meeting. Two to five headlines are decided with a
small description
2. Second editorial meeting on Thursday: 8 Articles are assigned to non 
Balkan correspondents
3. The London based Balkan editor assigns the same day 2 5 Balkan stories.
Discusses those with the office in Prague
4. Monday, deadline for submitting all the above (400 700 words)
5. Goes to the first editor
6. The story is send back to the stringers
7. Second editor
8. Copy editor
9. Editor sends a copy back to the stringers and puts it on the website
D. The Wire: 
1. The Wire editor selects the stories from the partners websites 
2. Translation if necessary
3. Copy editor
4. The Wire editor puts the stories on the TOL website
[Rarely journalists send pictures. Usually those are taken for free from government
websites or maps are taken from CNN]
Annex 4
Membership fees will be assessed according to the following:
Corporations, Foundations, Government Agencies, Intergovernmental organizations:
Less then 100 employees: $75
100 200: $150
200 500: $200
501 1000 $300
More then 1000: $400
University Campus:
Less then 10,000 students: $200
10 000 20,000: $250
20 001 30,000: $300
More than 30,000: $350
Library: $130



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