UK Government Online
5. UK Government Online 
5.1. Introduction
UK online is an umbrella organisation, a partnership between government, industry,
the voluntary sector, trade unions and consumer groups, forged to enable everyone
in the UK to make the most of the Internet. 
In September 2000, the British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, presented his vision of a
government that puts the citizen at the centre of everything it does, and which
makes the citizen its very purpose. To realise the vision he launched a campaign to
get people, businesses and government itself online. The whole campaign is called
UK online. and the Government Gateway are two key initiatives
within this campaign.
In their own words (www.e ), supports the vision to
enable the citizen to interact electronically with government by the year 2005.
Critical to the government s longer term vision, is expected to be a
key driver in transforming the way in which public services are organised and
delivered, and in leading the drive to better integration of government services and
putting all relevant government information and services online. In achieving this
vision, aims to be:
a principal entry point for citizens to access government information and
services online
dedicated to serving the citizen by providing easy and multi channel access to
interact with government
the main vehicle for coherent and relevant information and services that will
enrich the citizen experience and interaction with government
a partner to private and public sector service providers. will not
be the only portal delivering government information and services
a trustworthy environment where citizens can conduct secure transactions in
the best of its kind in the world. is a website that aggregates all government information and
services in one place. It is intended to be the primary place where citizens go to get
information about government services and to transact with Government online. currently provides general information about the UK online
programme and brings together information and advisory services from a variety of
sources to help citizens through important experiences.
The architectural framework within which has been developed is
presented on the following page.
Although the website offers a number of services such as information for citizens
Going away, Dealing with crime, Having a baby, Moving home, Learning to drive,
Death and bereavement, Pensions and retirement, Looking after someone, Looking
for a job, Central government, Local government, Find your representative, Political
parties, Local services and Government publications, this study is concentrating in
one of their services which is their newsroom production which offers Government
departments news, Hot topics, On line news media, Weather, News from political
parties, and other transcripts. 



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