UK Government Online
UK online partners are making their contributions to this national initiative by
working with the Office of the e Envoy, the Department of Trade and Industry or the
Department for Education and Skills. Some partner organisations are working with
large and small businesses to help them get their enterprises online and take full
advantage of the opportunities offered by e commerce. Some partner organisations
have chosen to become access centres for UK online, providing a place where people
can go to get access to technology and training to help them get online and make
the most of the Internet.
UK online partners come from all sectors and bring with them a range of skills and
expertise. As a UK online partner, you:
take part in joint marketing and communication programmes; 
contribute to combined PR activities; 
provide content for publications; 
work with UK online and other partners on training; 
provide your audiences with access to government content; 
fund a project at a local level; or 
join with other partners to develop regional or national projects. 
In return, UK online:
involves partners in planning and developing the project; 
help partners find the necessary partners and resources to make your
contribution work effectively; and
provide partners with information from UK online and other relevant
government initiatives. 
Abbey National   a partner case study 
Abbey National supports UK online in getting people online and enabling everyone to make the most of the Internet.
Abbey National already provides free Internet access for customers in over 50 branches. With UK online they have
formed a partnership that has been rewarding for both parties:
Benefits for Abbey National:
Association with a high profile, high priority Government led initiative. 
Part of the drive to help bridge the digital divide. 
Ability to promote online banking services to a new audience. 
Opportunities to raise Abbey National s contribution to and standing within the community. 
Ability to further consolidate further positioning as a pioneer of UK e commerce. 
Benefits for UK online:
Raise the profile of the UK online campaign and build momentum. 
Access segments of the market that government alone cannot access. 
Highlight the range of government services available online. 
Get everyone working together in order to make the UK wealthier, more prosperous and less polarised.
Abbey National website   Abbey National has created a page of information on its website featuring UK online,  
particularly with regard to UK online centres. This can be viewed at 
Abbey National Intranet site   a page on the intranet informs 24,000 staff about the UK online initiative and why
Abbey National is involved. 
Abbey Vision   a video circulated to all branch staff with information about UK online and the network of centres. 
Online services leaflet   UK online information in customer e business leaflets distributed through 800 Abbey
National retail outlets. 
Sponsorship of the Age Concern Open House programme.
On the Open House programme, Ambrose McGinn, Director of Retail e Commerce for Abbey National comments:
"The Internet is perfect for older people. We are delighted to support this venture as we recognise the importance of
getting the UK online and the benefits it can bring for older people. Linking with Age Concern will open up a new way
of working with existing and potential customers and we hope that other companies will follow our example."



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