UK Government Online
No 10 site, because we are not seen as the politician if you like. We are seen more
as the government information. That s an interesting distinction but it is one of the
things. Everybody knows no 10 that is, where the Prime Minister is." 
On the other hand, "what is written is for citizens but we are fairly certain there are
interest groups would clearly would go to the site more than the average citizen.
Media would be one, academic groups would be another, IT providers, etc. Certainly
the media would be our audience but our portal is not a selection of press releases
for the media. This is a site written for the public but we are fully conscious that the
media would be looking at it probably the most". 
For consumption processes "what we are doing as a development now is looking to
deliver much more localised content. One of the things that would do for us is to get
us much more feed back on the make up who is using the site and how do they use
it what do they want from it. If you want details of your local council, to know how
the government is delivering jobs in your area through the job centre, when we ve
got something that people value in terms of localised product we will then be able
to get a lot more local feed back from them on specific information. That is
necessary in order to stop the site to becoming the product of people in this building
and get truly to be the product of the users out there," said one of the staff. 
One of the journalists from the newsroom noted, "we have a customer relation team
that basically you can e mail. They all are answered within five days. My personal
belief is that we have to do more because we do lots of good with that. 
It s something positive. It is helping people to use the government. We don t get
many emails for the newsroom. They are generally referring to government policy
and activity. And at the end, we shouldn t overreact to the corresponding to the
people. We must listen."
At the beginning and even until now UK online, "had to take educated guesses and
experience into consideration and all of that. Any new product has to do that but the
more we involve actual users the better. I personally think the idea of linking directly
the people is the strongest thing that we could be support of. The more interactivity
you have with people the more understanding we get. That would be very good.
That goes well beyond the news agenda," said the staff of UK online. 
5.5. Content delivery process
According to the UK Online (www.e, not everyone has access to a
personal computer in the UK and there is a still clear digital divide between income
groups and between different parts of the
UK. The British government is determined
Campaign news
that should be inclusive  
everyone, everywhere in the UK should be
UK online launches a national TV campaign 
able to interact with the government
electronically if they want to.
Stephen Fry, Jenny Powell and Liz Smith are among a does not seek to replace
team of celebrities appearing on screen in homes
across the nation as part of an advertising drive to raise
traditional service delivery channels. 
awareness of UK online. They feature in a 40 second
Their aim is to provide easy and multi 
TV commercial. Viewers are encouraged to call a
channel access to government information
helpline for more information on UK online and details
and services on and thus
of their most convenient centre to try out the Internet.
ensuring that the citizen has real choice in
They can also ask for an information pack about UK
the way they interact with government.



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