UK Government Online
Personalisation of is a key part of the vision for serving the citizen
as an individual. Currently allows you to personalise information
based on where you live and a choice of language. Although much will depend on
citizen feedback, future developments will concentrate on increasing the depth of
personalisation in two ways. Firstly, the ability to choose colours, configurations and
images of your choice and, secondly having personalised updates on government
information and services with which an individual citizen is currently engaged.
Development plans include capability for shortsighted or colour blind citizens to
customise the appearance of the screen to enlarge fonts or images or choose colours
that they can see more clearly. It is also conceivable in the future that could provide proactive information updates which are targeted to
the needs of a particular individual. (http://www.e
resources pdfs/$file/ukonline_overview_reportV2.pdf)
5.7. Annexes 
Annex 1
What user information does UK Online collect?
UK Online collects three kinds of information from visitors: registration information,
feedback (through Editor s update, Discussions and calls to the Helpdesk) and site
usage information, from session cookies and log files. 
1. Registration information
You do not have to register to use, but you do need to register to
take part in the Discussions and if you want to receive the Discussion digests or e 
mail notification of new Consultations. The registration information UK Online
collects is: your user name (which does not need to be your real name), a password,
password hint and e mail address. This information is stored securely by their
technology supplier, BT. BT keeps it indefinitely so that you do not need to re 
register when you come back to the site. We do not use this information to trace
your identity and do not pass it on to any third party or government department.
2. Feedback 
You can send UK Online your feedback in two ways: by comments and questions to
the Editor, sent by e mail, phone or post; or by taking part in the Discussions. 
Comments and questions 
If you send an e mail or letter to the Editor or call our Helpdesk, asking for
information, UK Online may need to contact other government departments
to find that information. If your question is technical, they may need to pass
it to our technology supplier. They do not pass on any of your personal
information when dealing with your enquiry, unless you have given them
permission to do so. 
After they have replied, BT keeps a record of the messages for two years.
These records are be transferred to archive tape for a further five years, and
then destroyed. UK Online own system archives the messages after six
months, for reference and audit purposes, and deletes them after two years.



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