remaining journalists have an equal share in the company (50/50).
independence is regarded as important but not essential. A change of ownership for
VilaWeb is not ruled out, so long as its journalistic philosophy is safeguarded.
Though there have been potential buyers in the past, especially during the Internet
hype, none of these have been compatible with VilaWeb s mission.
Moreover  some
of the companies that wanted to buy us during the hype are now dead, so if we had
sold, VilaWeb would probably no longer exist.  
VilaWeb employs 24 people directly: the two directors/owners, eight journalists, six
technical people (4 database, 1 network, 1 director), five designers (lay out, etc),
two administrators and just recently a CEO, in order to release the two
directors/owners from the day to day management. More people are involved,
indirectly however, via the local editions. 
6.2. Revenue model 
VilaWeb is financially independent and profitable. About 35% of its revenue comes
from third party services, offered under the umbrella of Partal, Maresma &
Associates (PMA).
The remaining 65% of its revenue comes from its core content
areas (VilaWeb) which is split as follows: 
30% advertising 
25% content selling to other media
10% local editions network (franchising)
As regards advertising (on the different VilaWeb sites), the decline of the general
online advertising market as a result of the burst of the bubble
did not
affect revenues substantially. Difficulties were encountered, but it seems now that
those who survived the Internet stock exchange collapse, are in a stronger position
then before:  We now have more advertising revenues than ever. Our front page is
always sold out. We can not offer more adverts there. The fact that many others
went broke helped us.  
VilaWeb content is sold to other organisations, accounting for 25% of revenues.
Clients are private companies such as banks, government institutions and socio 
cultural organisations. In some cases VilaWeb also creates and maintains their portal
site. The company also takes care of the websites of certain local Catalan
newspapers, such as El Punt Digital (
Not to be neglected is the almost constant 10% of revenue from the local editions,
which are structured in a network. Each local edition originates from local media,
mainly local radio stations.
These have access to the local news. The local company
can join the VilaWeb network by paying a monthly fee for the technical platform and
12. To solve potential disputes between the two owners of VilaWeb, an external board of governors 
has been established that can reject decisions taken by the directors/owners. 
13. During the Internet hype, many people advised them to sell the company and start a new one. 
"Even if we sold, it would be impossible to start all over again because of the VilaWeb brand.
It is known and trusted by the people". 
14. See graphical overview in annex. All the yellow boxes are under the VilaWeb core areas. 
15. See Punie, Y. (2001) The European Media Landscape: Facts and Figures. Deliverable 1.1 for the 
MUDIA project (Multimedia in the Digital Age), IPTS, Sevilla, November 2001.
16. See graphical overview in annex. The yellow boxes are under the PMA heading.
17.  By the way, we discovered that the better journalist for Internet are radio journalists.  



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