the publication facilities
developed by VilaWeb and for becoming part of the
In return, the local company manages the local publicity and keeps
the earnings from it.  It is a win win situation and it is working very, very well. They
have a lot of local advertising since they are already linked to the local market via
their radio. And, of course, we have the rights to use their content. As we cover
almost every city in Spain, having so many local correspondents would normally be
very expensive. With our concept, it is not.  
The remaining 35% of revenue is generated by PMA third party services
traditional consulting that deals with website and portal design and graphics, web 
hosting, and advising in online strategies for companies (mobile, ADSL, etc.). During
the early years of VilaWeb, these revenues were more important than they are today
but  we decided to keep them because it contributes to the revenue base .
Additional PMA revenue now comes from software consulting and sale of VilaWeb
software products.
The expertise and products are, interestingly, the result of
upgrading the technical pillar of the company. During its early years, the technology
base of the company was considered to be secondary to its journalistic mission.
Underestimating the technical dimension of the initiative created problems and
complicated the necessary dialogue between technologists and journalists. Now, the
relationship between them has matured and important technical investments have
been made in their own database and servers and in technical staff to develop in 
house competencies. The mutual learning process between journalists and
technicians is now regarded as one of the special strengths of the company.  We are
journalists, not technicians, but now we understand it is the core of our system.  
Their editorial content software is already being sold to other media companies.
Recently,  text tv  software was developed whereby the ticker information below the
television screen can be created and changed via a simple, secured web browser. It
is sold to three local stations.  These small TV stations do not have the money to
develop this themselves and our product is not expensive. There are, however,
about fifty local stations in Catalunya. Moreover, our longer term objective is to
provide a VilaWeb ticker or banner to these stations with the local content we have
anyway. This is good for our brand as well. 
VilaWeb is not interested in following the online newspaper trend towards introducing
pay for content information and services. It wants to adhere to the philosophy of the
Internet as a free content platform:  We are used to providing our content for free
and we prefer a large non paying user base to a small, maybe profitable, paying
group of users. The pay for content initiatives tend not to be profitable anyway. 
However, for certain niche products, VilaWeb might consider introducing pay for 
content services, for instance  a coloured version of VilaWeb edited by famous,
respected journalists.  But for the moment, there are no plans in that direction. 
Another strategy of many online companies is to keep the user as long as possible
on their sites, in order to attract advertisers. At VilaWeb, however, they believe this
goes against the philosophy of the Internet. The core of the Internet is precisely the
links it contains.  If you provide good, interesting and updated links, users come
back to your site anyway, so it does not endanger advertising.  
18. It does not require journalist to learn HTML but provides them an easy platform for creating or 
modifying their newsitems on the web. 
19. Circa  92 a month.
20. Light blue box in graphical overview.
21. Called Tech in the light blue box. 



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