To sum up, VilaWeb, as an independent net native media company, has been 
able to develop a sustainable and profitable business. Its revenue model is
diversified. Most of its revenue comes from its core content related activities but
other initiatives such as consulting, software sales and website design are important
revenues streams as well. Moreover, every activity is made to fit within what is seen
as crucial   developing and maintaining a powerful brand:  Brand is important on the
Internet, it is half the success of your product  the brand must be on all the
6.3. Content production process
Diversification of revenues implies that VilaWeb produces different products. 
The content production model, however, is organised around a central database
which means that journalists do not create products bur rather produce content that
goes to the database. The latter organises the content to be distributed via different
products. The model is as follows: 
1. Content production by journalists is the most
Content Production
expensive part of the process. This is the case for all
2. The central database, also expensive to create but
seen as crucial, separates content from presentation; 
3. Output is in the form of different
presentations/products. The cost for different
presentations/products is relatively small. Take the
WAP and PDA services for instance.
 Nobody works
Different Products
for it specifically, there is only one journalist who has
control over the system. For the rest, the database
identifies the items and distributes them to the
different formats . 
The same goes for the Guia VilaWeb, a book published in May 2002 with an
annotated list of the best Internet addresses. During the last year, journalists could
tick a box when including annotated links in their articles to indicate an interesting
URL. The database keeps track of all the URLs,  so in the end, it was very easy to
produce the book. We just needed to check the links to see if they were still
working.  It is planned to publish regular updates of the Internet guide book, and
other books may be produced as well in the future. 
This system of multi channel publishing has implications for the role of the journalist
in the content production process.  Journalists work for the company, not for specific
products. When we take new journalists on board, this is the first thing they need
to understand. They produce content that can be distributed on different products
and platforms, via a powerful database. That is the concept behind the newsroom.
Journalists can do video, radio, Internet, newspaper articles, etc. A short article on
the web can become a longer one in a newspaper. It is better/easier to have one
person working on the same topic for different formats than several people on the
same item but each for their own format. 
22. About 1000 users are subsribed to the PDA service for receiving the headlines of existing 
newspapers and links to the stories.



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