Annex: MUDIA   multimedia content in the digital age
Research objectives
MUDIA will carry out a number of research projects, which, for the first time, will
establish an overview of the current state of the European media industry. Research
activities will involve socio economic studies, trend analyses, observation of
worldwide field practices, analysis of multimedia newsroom trials and analysis of the
evolving needs of users and providers. 
Towards the end of the project period, which runs from May 2001 till December
2002, the following reports will be available:
A factual overview of the trends in online European media
Future scenarios for the news media industries
A study on the user orientation of European online media
An assessment of the projects for mobile newscasting
Selected case studies of media innovation initiatives
A comparative study on multimedia convergence trends
A feasibility study for a novel research information format
The MUDIA website
The project website  has overviews of the project activities, other
data on multimedia developments, information about related events and links to
partner websites. A regular e zine gives summaries of project findings. 
One of the most valuable features of the website is its Monitoring Service. This gives
comprehensive coverage of all the latest developments in the publishing,
broadcasting and new media industries, and is an important resource for media
managers and researchers of all kinds.
Conferences and meetings
In addition to the website, a variety of meetings, work sessions and conferences will
be held to disseminate the results. The project will end with a major European
conference in October 2002 in Maastricht. Its aims will be to: 
define the state of play in multimedia content production; 
establish an advisory industry council to set the future research agenda;
present a proposal for a permanent multimedia monitoring facility;
explore the scope for a European research network for continued R&D activities.
* MUDIA (MultiMedia Content in the Digital Age) is a European Commission 
sponsored IST project. The consortium consists of the following partners: (1)
International Institute of Infonomics, Maastricht (co ordinator); (2) World
Association of Newspapers (WAN), Paris; (3) News World International Limited,
London; (4) Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (IPTS), JRC, Sevilla and
(5) Centre for Society, Technology and Media (STeM), Dublin City University.



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