Additional Online Catalogues 
There are other catalogues of course providers that could be the focus of similar analysis. 
Among them are: 
   The World Lecture Hall: 
   TeleCampus online course directory: (
   TeleCampus, Listing of classes (
   Beta Online Course Database: (
   Arragob, Database of programs (
   Globewide Network Academy, Listing of online courses (
   New Promise Interactive Index of Online Courses and Degrees 
   Peterson s Distance Learning Database Site (
   Directory of Online Colleges, Internet Universities and Training Institutes 
Recommended Books 
Some classic books were written about online education before the web was introduced. An 
early, significant book was Mindweave edited by Mason and Kaye (1989). Later important 
contributions were Online education edited by Harasim (1990), Empowering networks edited 
by Waggoner (1992), Computer mediated Communication and the Online Classroom edited 
by Berge and Collins (1995), and Learning Networks written by Harasim, Hiltz, Teles, and 
Turoff (1995). These books cover a broad range of issues related to online education, none 
includes in depth studies of teaching techniques for CMC. 
More recent books that could be recommended are: 
   Web Based Instruction (Khan 1997) 
   Building a Web Based Education System (McCormack and Jones 1998) 
   Web Based Training Cookbook. Everything you need to know for online training 
(Hall 1997) 
   Web Teaching, A Guide to Designing Interactive Teaching for the World Wide Web 
(Brooks 1997) 
   Web Based Training: Using Technology to Design Adult Learning Experiences 
(Driscoll and Alexander 1998) 
   Building Learning Communities in Cyberspace: Effective Strategies for the Online 
Classroom (Palloff and Pratt 1999) 
   Virtual Learning: A Revolutionary Approach to Building a Highly Skilled Workforce 
(Schank 1997) 
   Creating the Virtual Classroom: Distance Learning with the Internet (Porter 1997) 



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