As a project funded by the EU, the researchers have focused especially on institutions in 
Europe. However, the researchers had no success in obtaining catalogue entries from 
institutions in the two EU countries France and Greece. However, the analysis includes an 
interview with CNED, the National Center for Distance Education in France <132>. CNED is 
not a University but woks in consortia with the French Universities in order to provide Degree 
level diplomas and certificates by the University. Another interesting institution that is not 
included in the catalogue is the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (
. However, the 
interviews include an entry from GECSA   Gestion del Conocimiento s. a <131> which is a 
private enterprise managed by the Universita Oberta de Catalonya and the Spanish Telecom   
Telefonica. A selection of interesting catalogue entries is compiled in the following. 
In a conclusion presented in the CISAER interim report, Ana Dias wrote: 
In Southern Europe and South America we found several initiatives dealing 
with the cultural and structural change in the Education and Training Sector. 
Those initiatives are exploring the pedagogical issues. We found projects 
that include virtual classrooms, virtual libraries, virtual coffee shops, chat 
rooms and other virtual structures. 
The Government of Cyprus [29] (
) offers a course in learning 
Greek. The course is on an open web site. Kypros Net, in conjunction with the Cyprus 
Broadcast Corporation, offers the possibility of learning Greek on the Internet. The course 
consists of 105 lessons contained in audio files plus a web board for student interaction. There 
is an English/Greek dictionary, spell checker, and downloadable Greek fonts. 
The University of Helsinki [32] (
) in Finland has 160 students in 10 
courses about law, mathematics, chemistry, academic writing, communication, data 
processing, etc. They are using simple technology, courses should be used by modems from 
homes. They are building an open learning environment, where it is possible for anyone to 
study, get guidance and get office services as well as communicate with peer students. 
Helsinki university is the largest university in Finland, and they try to offer virtual courses 
from different university fields. The amount of courses is increasing all the time, but most of 
the courses are on basic level. They have collected all Finnish open university courses in one 
database ( There, one can find all the virtual or distance 
education courses offered by Finnish open universities. 
Istituto Tecnologie Didattiche   C.N.R. [50] (
) in Italy has 150 
students in 5 courses in open and distance learning for small and medium enterprises, 
environmental education, and teachers training. Based on FirstClass, ITD tutors propose an 
online project based approach. According to the content and objectives of the course, students 
may work in groups or individually. According to distance of students from ITD, there may be 
face to face sessions or videoconference sessions as well. In the case of the ODL for SMEs 
course, trainers based in Genoa also attend face to face lessons. In the case of the International 
course Eumedea, on environmental education, training takes place mainly online and 
occasionally through multi point videoconference. ITD is also partner in the T3 project 
) where a number of teacher training 



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