Online, Nova Southeastern University, Indiana University, and University of Illinois. In 
addition the report includes three Canadian institutions that just had entered the field of online 
learning: the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, Athabasca University, and the 
Technical University of British Columbia. Finally, the report mentions the following 
institutions to watch: The University of Industry in England, New York University, 
Pennsylvania State University s World Campus, Jones International University, Royal Roads 
University, Northumberland Institute, and the University of Waterloo MoT Program. 
In a conclusion presented in the CISAER interim report, Robin Mason wrote: 
The North American listing is intentionally partial and attempts to provide a 
range: small one off courses by niche organisations, web courses provided 
by distance and continuing education divisions of large universities, courses 
which are fully web based and courses which are only partially web based. 
Most provide (human) tutoring, but a few do not; most have fixed entry and 
exit, but some do not. The aim of the North American selection has been to 
show diversity and range of applications of web use. 
The extensive listings provided by the TeleCampus Online Courses database 
indicate much more web activity in North America. However, the listing is 
restricted to courses which are wholly delivered on the web, but 
significantly, also includes courses offered as part of campus programmes. 
This database indicates a 76% origin of web courses in the US; 19% from 
Canada; 3 % from Australia and 2% other. Obviously the method of 
gathering information accounts for the low representation of European 
courses, but another element may be that European uses of the web are not 
in the  wholly online  category and hence would not qualify for entry in this 
As a result of a visit to North America and attendance at a number of web 
related conferences, we are aware of a significant increase in web based 
teaching activity even by comparison with a year ago. A very recent 
publication, Distance Training (Schreiber and Berge, 1998) also catalogues 
a range of North American companies, business and government 
organisations which are rapidly moving face to face training to web based 
delivery. We visited one such company   US West   and was shown a very 
impressive and extensive web based training programme. We also visited a 
number of universities and colleges which were embarking on substantial 
programmes of web based delivery of courses. Teams had been assembled 
to carry out the work, including technology specialists, subject specialists, 
evaluators and a director to oversee and coordinate the work. In short, web 
based teaching has moved beyond the trials stage and into strategic roll out. 
Some examples of Canadian institutions are included in the following: 
Mount Royal College [25] (
) in Canada 
offers a course about nursing. ACCN 1300 Physiology is the first complete online course in a 
series of courses offered by the Advanced Studies in Critical Care Nursing (ACCN) Program. 
The course has been developed for use with Netscape 3.0 and makes use of ToolVox plug in 



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