that allows voice audio files to be played, ShockWave which allows animations to be played, 
and Powwow Personal Communication which is a web based conferencing system which 
allows real time chat and supports both moderated and unmoderated conferencing for up to 50 
The University of British Columbia [27] (
) in Canada offers 5 
courses on technology based distributed learning for a maximum of 100 students per course. 
Aimed at academics, instructional designers, instructors and program administrators in post 
secondary education, the courses use the Internet to enable participants to learn online about 
technology based distributed learning. Delivered internationally, these courses can be taken 
individually or as part of a UBC Post Graduate Certificate in Technology Based Distributed 
Learning developed in collaboration with the Monterrey Institute of Technology (ITESM), 
Mexico. Linked through the Internet from as many as 17 different countries, students interact 
with each other and their instructors to discuss issues in the field and collaborate on 
Some examples of US institutions are included in the following: 
The California State University at Dominguez Hills [114] 
) offers 13 courses in the areas of 
Communication, Humanities, Technology, and Management. It offers certificate, 
undergraduate, and postgraduate level courses. Internet classes are conducted entirely on the 
web. Online activities include assignments, research, class discussion, student instructor 
communication, online field trips, and guest speakers. 
Concord University School of Law [118] (
) offers 16 law 
courses. It is a new institution established by Kaplan Educational Centers in October 1998 to 
offer a Juris Doctorate degree wholly online via state of the art technology. The target 
learners are working students, professionals, family caretakers, learners in rural communities, 
and others whose circumstances prevent them from pursuing a legal education at traditional 
institutions. The degree is a four year graduate program. Students will view lectures on the 
Internet at their own convenience 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The lectures will be 
presented using streaming technology. Students will have online access to a law library to 
complete their assignments and fulfill curriculum requirements, including case studies, legal 
arguments, and statutory codes. They will also take interactive exams online. In establishing 
Concord University, Kaplan, a subsidiary of The Washington Post, is building on its years of 
expertise in offering LSAT preparation classes that help students succeed in law school. The 
University will complement Kaplan s 1,200 study centers in the U.S. and abroad, where it 
offers test preparation, training, and career fairs. 
The LR Communications Systems, Inc [121] (
) offers 1 course in 
Effective Written Communication. Each participant is assigned a personal consultant who 
provides five detailed evaluations of the writing a student produces on the job. After reading 
the first of five units of text, the student submits (by mail, fax, or e mail) a job related letter, 
memo, or report. The student s consultant acts as the intended reader and studies the 
assignment for clarity, effect, and how well it achieves its objectives. The consultant also 
analyzes the document for grammatical correctness, structure, sequence, and language. Within 
one week, students receive corrections on the original, as well as a detailed, two  to three page 



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