commentary which guides the student toward improvement. As a one on one self paced 
process, this course works for individuals at all levels and functions within an organization. 
Case Study 5: North America. Central Michigan University 
This case study is a transcript of an interview written by Robin Mason. 
More than 25 years ago, Central Michigan University
recognized the need for degree programs for adults who couldn t participate in traditional 
programs. The seed of what is now the College of Extended Learning (CEL) was planted in 
1971. CEL was established to deliver off campus degree programs to this adult learner 
During the past quarter century CEL has undergone a gradual expansion, from mainly serving 
the home state of Michigan, to serving locations around the US, Canada and Mexico. In 
addition to more than 40 program centers where students enroll in classes, CMU offers a 
cohort delivery format that allows CEL to bring a program to companies or other 
organizations. Other delivery efforts to address problems for adults who may not be able to 
attend traditional classes are made through the Independent Learning and Distance Delivery 
In short, CEL has a history of correspondence teaching which is now being upgraded to 
include Web delivery. 



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