Set books and journal articles form a major part of the course content, but the web is used for 
teaching and presentation as well. The main use, however, is for the course discussions. 
Students are required to have a machine which supports sound, as many of the web pages are 
annotated with audio clips. 
Occasional videoconference discussions between UBC and Monterrey are an additional 
medium of communication for those students who are based at these institutions. 
One of the courses, "Selecting and using technologies for distributed learning" uses the web 
plus a CD ROM to enable participants to analyze and apply criteria for selecting and using 
educational technologies. 
The program draws heavily on the extensive experience of the course team as well as the 
research literature in the field. Tutors are supplied from the course team, but adjunct faculty 
around the world are also used. Twenty students are assigned to each tutor. 
There are two main streams of enrolment in these courses, one for certificate credit and one 
destined for graduate credit. Participants have a choice of fully participating as a regular 
student or as an audit student in both streams of enrollment. Participants who earn a minimum 
final grade of 60% in each of the five courses will be awarded a UBC graduate "Certificate in 
Technology based Distributed Learning.  However, participants may also enroll in a single 
course without the intention of completing all five. Following academic approval from the 
Faculty of Education, participants who qualify for entry as a graduate student for UBC s 
Faculty of Education may also apply credit from these courses towards the Faculty s Masters 
in Education. 
The tuition fee per course is $695 (Canadian), however the complete cost with text books, 
delivery and taxes is between $850 and $900 (Canadian), depending on location. 
The courses have fixed start and finish dates, and each lasts for 13 weeks. The full program 
can be completed in 2 years and 4 months. 



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