Learn from their colleagues through conversations and discussions 
Solve problems in a collaborative way. 
The UV at the moment has three satellite channels that connect it with 8 countries. They offer 
150 courses by semester and 500 hours of satellite transmission per week. This system allows 
the UV to have 29,887 students in the American Continent. 
The tools provided for the students and teachers in their courses are: 
World Wide Web  
E mail  
discussion groups (hypernews, Netscape news, etc.)  
online conferences (chat)  
Learning Space  
One Touch  
Interaction Remote Systems  
Satellites Systems 
The UV network is composed by 14 emission sites at the following campus: The Monterrey 
Technological Campus and the Universities of Carnegie Mellon and Thunderbird (USA), 
Universities of Waterloo and British Colombia (Canada) and the Universidad Pontificia 
Catolica de Chile. 
There are 730 receiving sites:69 that offer degree level courses and Pos graduate, 95 offer 
programs for the development of teachers, and 566 use programs from Aula Virtual 
Empresarial ( Entrepreneurs Virtual Class)  
The UV counts also with 18 associated sites: University of Texas, Georgia Institute of 
Technology, Stanford University, San Francisco State University, University of Wisconsin, 
Mount Royal College, Purdue University, Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona, George 
Mason University, Simon Fraser University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 
University of British Colombia, Brown University, University of California, Universidad de 
Belgrano, Universitat de Aalaborg. 
In their competitive analysis of key international providers of online post secondary 
education, Massey and Curry (1999, iii) state: 
Most institutions or consortia have not identified international markets as an initial 
priority. For U.S. institutions, this may be the result of a large domestic market. For 
Stanford Online, TechBC, Illinois, and Indiana, the local area was considered the 
prime geographical market. The danger in thinking locally is that a provider may be 



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