Case Study 9: Institution with many courses. The New York Institute of Technology 
This case study is a transcript of an interview written by Robin Mason. 
The New York Institute of Technology On Line Campus [124] (
states that it has 105 courses. All courses are conducted through the Caucus computer 
conferencing software. Caucus is a fully integrated web application allowing text, graphics, 
audio and multimedia activities. Participants will require TCP/IP connection and a web 
browser to enroll in any of the courses. Participants do not need prior computer conferencing 
experience. A prerequisite to all online undergraduate courses is an introductory course 
entitled "English 1006, Introduction to Computer Conferencing". 
In 1985, NYIT introduced the On Line Campus Program in order to provide all students, 
regardless of location or time constraints, an opportunity to complete an undergraduate 
degree. These courses used set text books, print material and a computer conferencing system 
for interaction between the tutor and student. 
Recently, NYIT expanded its online program into the graduate division with the introduction 
of 8 MBA courses as the first step towards a fully integrated Web based MBA. The On Line 
MBA program provides an opportunity for students to interact and exchange ideas among 
themselves and with an experienced, professional faculty who bring reality and real world 
applications to each class. Up to 100 other courses are offered which make some use of the 
Web, for example: Behavioral Science, Business, Interdisciplinary Studies; 
Telecommunications, and Hospitality Management. One course, Introduction to computer 
conferencing is offered four times a year. 
The primary use of the web in the Online Campus program is for computer conferencing. 



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