Open and Distance Education Program uses the web extensively. Combined with a web 
conferencing system, this course is based on collaborative activities, online assignments and 
web resources. The Institute of Educational Technology which runs the course also provides 
short online train the trainer courses, using the web as the primary delivery medium for 
subjects such as the educational use of multimedia, the web and computer conferencing. 
Further details are available at www 
Edith Cowan University [12] <12> (Case Study 3) (
) is a university 
in Perth, Western Australia. The university s virtual campus for web based training has an 
enrolment of 8000 students in over 120 units in more than 30 courses. 15.000 of the 
university s 20.000 students have access to the web for library and other services. As of 
August 1998, 5 courses are completely web based. Focus is on interactive learning 
environments which are supported with chat rooms, discussion boards and listervs. Course 
notes are provided online in a variety of formats including html and pdf. Many units contain 
media enhancements such as video, animation and sound. Access to other academic resources 
such as library and study skills support are provided. Administrative services such as 
enrolment, timetables and access to personal records of progress are also available. 
The Lund Virtual University [89] (
) claims to have 6000 students and 80 
courses. The Virtual University is under construction as a common project for distance 
education at The Lund University in Sweden. 
Case Study 10: Institution with many students. The University of South Australia 
This case study is a transcript of an interview 
written by Desmond Keegan. 
University of South Australia [5] <5> 
) had 8000 
individual subject enrolments on the web in 
1998. They have plans to increase the figure 
dramatically in 1999, as potentially every 
student in the university will be able to do 
some subjects on the web. Web based 
provision will be available in practically any 
area of the university s curriculum. They 
report to have over 70 courses at may  98. The 
courses include a range of web offerings from 
simple text delivery with teacher student 
communication, to complete delivery of 
interaction with enhanced graphic capability. 
This web provision is from the Division of Education, Art and Social Sciences of the 
University of South Australia. 60 students enrolled. 20 to 30 of these are Ph.D. candidates 
from Canada and the rest are in Australia studying for the university s Bachelor of Education 



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