Table 8. Examples that show the broad range of courses offered online 
Accounting [115] 
Administration, Geography, Psychology, Sociology, Management [26] 
Animal Health, Arts, Music [38] 
Anthropology, Food and Nutrition [123] 
Aquaculture, Religion [66] 
Astronomy [20] 
Biology [93] 
Chemistry [32] 
Community Education [113] 
Drug Addiction Counseling [98] 
Effective Written Communication [121] 
Electrical Engineering [18] 
Elementary Statistics [85] 
Environment, Political Sciences [19] 
Ergonomics [17] 
European Studies [33] 
Greek [29] 
Journalism [65] 
Law, Human Resource Management [31] 
Local History, Immunology [110] 
Media and communication [30] 
Nursing [22] 
Ophthalmology [126] 
Scottish Literature, Popular Physics [97] 
Social Behavior, Childcare, Museumology [16] 
Spectrum Management [1] 
Speech [124] 
Welding supervision [7] 
From this, one may conclude that there is a dominance of web courses in the fields of 
computer and information sciences and by courses in education. In addition to these two 
fields, web courses cover a very broad range of subjects. The same conclusions were made in 
a survey of 150 online teachers (Paulsen 1998, 139). 
Institutions that Offer a Broad Range of Subjects 
The number of subject areas that was offered varied considerably between the institutions. 
Nearly half of the institutions (56) offer courses in only one category and only five offered 
courses in five or more categories. These five were: Verkmenntaskolinn a Akureyri [41], NKI 
Nettskolen [58], Maricopa Community Colleges [123], New York Institute of Technology 
On Line Campus [124], and University of California Berkley Extension [127]. 
In addition, a few institutions presented general answers in which the subject areas was not 
possible to categorize. Examples of such answers are: "most areas offered" [5, 10, and 89] and 
"all courses" [67, 82, and 87]. 
Verkmenntaskolinn a Akureyri [41] (
) in northern Iceland reports to 
have many courses in 36 subjects. In many of these courses the web is used quite extensively. 



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