Case Study 11: Institution with a broad range of subjects. The Macquarie University 
This case study is a transcript of an interview written by Desmond Keegan. 
The Macquarie University [10] (
) in Australia claims to have 4000 
students and 50 courses in most areas offered. The University reports a wide variety of 
provision characteristics. At the first level, it involves administrative information about the 
course, some course content, links to other resources, e mail contact to staff for more 
information, etc. At the second level, there is compulsory usage of the web by all students, 
generally with a wider variety of content, learning resources and interaction, the latter often 
including virtual tutorials and discussion forums (either synchronous or asynchronous). At the 
third level, the course is essentially managed via the web, with a substantial proportion of 
content, learning resources, and interaction provided this way. 
Macquarie University is in Sydney. The web courses are offered through the Flexible Learning 
Plan. More details can be found at e.learning@ macquarie. 60 courses are offered on the web 
with 4.000 enrolled. 



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