Overseas students pay  624 
Industrial sponsored students pay  970. 
This is a nine month postgraduate course following the traditional British academic year (Oct 
  July). The start and finish dates are fixed. 
The institutions categorized as colleges are in many ways similar to the category of university 
department or center. They are however more independent entities. Among the colleges were 
The Central Michigan University, College of Extended Learning [117], The Tromso College, 
Faculty of Education [59], and Bellevue Community College <111>. 
The Central Michigan University, College of Extended Learning [117] 
) offers 18 courses in: Accounting, Astronomy, 
Business, Finance, Health, Journalism, Management, and Religion. Lecture materials, 
handouts, study guides and assignments are all online. Interaction with the instructor and other 
participants occurs through web based bulletin boards, web based chat sessions, web based 
messaging and e mail. 
The Tromso College, Faculty of Education [59] (
) in Norway has 70 
students and 3 courses in computer science and environmental physics. The web is used as a 
medium for distribution of course materials and communication in a combination with 
students meeting at campus 3 8 times a year. It is primarily used for the distance learning 
students. They started the first experiments with Internet based courses in 1992. 



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