Case Study 15: Open university. The Open University of Hong Kong 
This case study is a transcript of an interview written by Desmond Keegan. 
The Open University of Hong Kong (HKOU) [28] (
) reports to have 
630 students in 4 courses on business information systems, Internet, and telecommunications. 
The Open University is at its experimental stage in using the Internet to deliver its courses. In 
addition to a print version of the course, Advanced Business Systems offers an electronic 
version, in which students can get access to the course materials stored in a server housed at 
the university, or through the Internet. Submission of assignments, return of marked 
assignments, discussion among tutors and students, e mail facilities, online evaluation of the 
course, and a number of other administrative functions can be done through electronic means. 
As for the course Introduction to Internet, most of the course is in print form, although there is 
regular reference to and activities carried out on the Internet. There is one online study unit in 
which students study through logging on the Internet. Discussion groups and e mail facilities 
are also provided for tutors and students of the course. The two CT courses are on 
telecommunications, and a lot of references for the courses are accessed through the Internet. 
Under the one country, two systems dispensation the university enjoys the same academic 
liberty as heretofore. The university has a center of excellence for Adult and Continuing 
Education which organizes its distance education program and has a range of distance 
education projects with other parts of China. The Open University is at an experimental stage 



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