Center for FjernUndervisning aim to help and educate people. Distance learning allows 
students, who work or who are geographically challenged, to achieve education at their own 
pace. The faculty believes that education should be available to everyone and nobody should 
be disadvantaged, due to their own particular circumstances. The major mission is to heighten 
the educational level and competence of the Danish population. All communication is done by 
e mail (support also through telephone) and teachers are available 24 hours a day. 
Additionally the students have access to "StudyNet". StudyNet is an online education web 
based training system where the students may test themselves and carry out self assessment 
within the course syllabus. Furthermore there is a chat site, where other students can be 
The NKS Distance Education [65] (
) in Norway has 200 students and 
10 courses in Web design, Law, Journalism, Norwegian, History of Art, History of Ideas, 
Management. NKS Distance Education has been designing web based courses since 1997, 
based on their experience with CMC based courses over the past ten years. The web based 
courses fall into three different categories: 1) Fully web based courses, 2) Virtual classes, with 
a fixed starting and finishing point, 3) Partially web based courses, where student interaction 
with tutor is web based   as a minimum. 
Case Study 16: Distance education institution. NKI Department of Distance Education 



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