The Internet has made it easier for educational institutions to collaborate and to form 
consortia. In addition, a number of national and international grants have initiated 
collaborative projects between institutions. However, many of these projects will probably 
cease to exist when the external funding stops. Massey and Curry s (1999) analysis of key 
institutional providers of online post secondary education provides interesting case studies of 
the Western Governors University and California Virtual University (CVU). CVU has now 
ceased operation since the partners refused to provide the operating costs. 
Among the consortia in the CISAER catalogue were Nordisk Netthogskole [3], The African 
Virtual University [4], a DIFF project [36], For. Com Consorzio Interuniversitario 
[49], CAFE MONDIAL [38], NITOL   Norway net with IT for Open Learning [63], and the 
University of Stirling and Glasgow Caledonian University [109]. 
) reports to have 900 students and 20 
courses in: Information Technology, Multimedia, Web Design, Health Care, Animal Health, 
Languages, Arts, and Music. CAFE MONDIAL is a European Consortium of universities, 
colleges, and private institutions providing professional training via web and Intranet systems. 
The consortium emerged from the EU telematics Applications Project CAFE MONDIAL 
UR1003. The students register via the web, and then receive a resource package containing 
literature, CD ROM, CDs, and/or other media. They are then moderated by experts/tutors who 
stimulate the interaction, involve them in project activities, and provide additional support 
materials. One of the global objectives of each course is that moderators/experts help students 
and trainers to learn and work creatively, critically, and efficiently using web, Intranet 
systems, and other IT tools. 
Case Study 17: Consortium. NITOL 



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