This case study is a transcript of an interview written by Torstein Rekkedal. 
NITOL   Norway net with IT for Open Learning [63] (
) has 1300 
students and 80 courses in several subject areas within engineering, teacher education, and 
information technology. Four independent institutions: Norwegian University of Science and 
Technology (courses in IT and Informatics), Stord/Haugesund College (courses in teacher 
training, information science, engineering, and nautics), Agder College (courses in 
engineering, IT, telematics, etc.), and Sor Trondelag College (courses in engineering, IT, 
business administration, etc.). The partners collaborate on course development as well as on 
practical arrangements. 
NITOL is a consortium of 4 Norwegian universities/university colleges for the purpose of 
providing open and distributed learning through Internet. Each institution remains 
For all of the NITOL courses, web is used for distribution, presentation, communication, 
administration, teaching, and for creating an electronic learning environment. 
WWW is the backbone for all the NITOL courses, both for distribution of own material and 
for linking up to other existing material on the web. Standard textbooks supplement the 
material provided through the network. Netbased material includes graphics, simulations, 
animations, sound and video for some of the courses. Normally the courses are based on web 
based material, developed for the particular course, supplemented by ordinary, printed 
textbooks as in the on campus courses. Some courses may include video and audio materials 
that are distributed through Internet. 
Tutors give feedback on all questions and comments on e mail and comments in  discussions 
groups  on the listserv. Assignments for submission are commented and corrected by a tutors. 
We do not use synchronous communication, because it damages the flexibility of the system. 
The types of communication applied are: one online (single student using web material and 
information), one to one, one to many, many to many. All kinds of communication ICT 
based are involved. 
Most courses are assessed through tutor marked assignments during the course. Marking is for 
process evaluation and feedback. There are formal, written exams in all courses. For final 
grading only the formal exams count as they do for ordinary, on campus students taking the 
same courses. 
The courses areas accredited as the ordinary university examinations and the equivalent 
courses on campus. Students who complete but do not sit the exam may receive a  statement 
of completion . 
The course fee is the same for all NITOL students, fixed at 1 200 NKr/credit, i.e. for two 
semesters half time=one semester full time (10 credits) the total fee paid by the student is  
12 000 NKr, around 1 500 ecu. 
Normal enrolment at start of each term, i.e. January 15 or August 15. Additional enrolments 
are allowed during the terms, but exams are only arranged at end of terms, i.e. in December 



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