and June. 
In total the 96 courses offered as web based courses enroll approximately 2 500 students this 
term, Autumn 1998, i.e. a total of 4 5000 course enrolments each year. Out of this 
approximately 60 70% are external (off campus) students. (Some students are enrolled for 2 3 
courses; the number corresponds to 800   1000 full time students.) 
The plans involve developing more courses and stick to asynchronous communication. 
However, there are no plans of changing to flexible enrolment dates and free progression. This 
is due to the emphasis on group communication and discussion as part of the learning process. 
We will look at possibilities of including more video, animations etc. as part of instructional 
material, and increasing the quality of discussion forums on the web. 
Companies or Corporations 
The evolution of the web has made it easier for individuals and institutions to offer courses 
commercially on the Internet. Such initiatives were, however, not especially pronounced in the 
catalogue. This is probably due to the catalogue criterion stating that courses must not be 
private in company training. 
Among the entries in this category were Management Training and Executive Development 
[15] in Belgium, Digito Formacao [73], CyberCorp Inc. [116], DigitalThink [119], LR 
Communication Systems, Inc. [121], MBA International Institute [122], and The Virtual 
Online University [130]. 
Digito Formacao [73] (
) in Portugal has 100 students in 3 
computer systems courses. It is a private company that offers commercially courses in 
computer systems throughout Internet. Digito Formacao is part of the enterprise Producoes 
Digitais Online Ld  and it initiated the training activities in May 1998. 
DigitalThink [119] (
) offers 80 information technology courses 
on: C and C++ Programming, Database Concepts, Design & Publishing, Desktop, 
IT/Management, Internet Literacy, Java Programming, Microsoft Certification, Object 
Programming, Web Programming, and Windows Programming. DigitalThink contracts with 
best selling authors and topic experts to create original content for web based courses. In 
addition to the role played by the instructors, tutors answer e mail messages and engage in 
threaded discussions and chat sessions with the students. DigitalThink sells Web based 
courses directly from its web site and to corporate training departments. Course prices 
currently range from $125 to $450 per student. DigitalThink s training courses are offered for 
Continuing Education Units (CEUs) which are convertible to college credit under an 
arrangement that the company has with the University of Phoenix. 
The Virtual Online University [130] (
) offers 50 courses in 
History, Languages, Math, Science, Computers, MBA. Current course offerings are: Bachelor 
of Arts in History, Bachelor of Arts in English, Foreign Languages, Bachelor of Science in 
Computer Science, Bachelor of Arts in Computer Aesthetics, and Master of Business 
Administration. The Virtual Online University Services International, Inc. (VOUSI) is a 
Virtual Corporation operating as a Corporate University. VOUSI encompasses three distinct 



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